Thursday, May 25, 2006

Charest Flips Harper And Ambrose The Bird

Kudos to Quebec Premier, Jean Charest, for deciding to uphold Quebec’s end of the bargain when it comes to Kyoto.

This Tuesday, Charest told reporters that he is ready to act alone if the federal government reneges on its commitments to Kyoto, “the Quebec government is resolutely committed to Kyoto and we intend to soon announce our policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions”.

I think it’s pretty clear to most, that the Tories are planning to derail Canada’s commitments to Kyoto. According to Liberal Environment Critic, Scott Brison, Harper’s government is the only government on Earth that's reducing its investments in the environment this year.


To make matters worse, Environment Minister Rona Ambrose is trying to use a non-existent ethanol announcement to distract Canadians from her plans for Kyoto.

Liberal Natural Resources Critic, Roy Cullen, stated in a press release that, “the Environment Minister’s failure to deliver her promised announcement regarding increased ethanol use in Canada is an overt attempt to detract from the fact that this government is not serious about fighting global warming or meeting Canada’s Kyoto commitments”.

Regardless of what the Tories might have in store, I truly hope that other Premiers follow suit. Our climate is changing fast and we need to stop making excuses about it.

To Liberal hopeful, Michael Ignatieff, thank you for realizing the importance of our environment:

"Canadian recognize that the quality of the environment is inextricably linked to their health, the competitiveness of our economy, and to the overall quality of life we enjoy. We are fortunate to have a substantial endowment of the world's natural resources and wilderness areas, and Canada has traditionally played a key role in advancing sustainability around the world."

It's just too bad that the Tories are neglecting this role. And to Ms. Ambrose: You are embarrassing us in Bonn. Well, actually I should write, Harper is making you embarrass us in Bonn, Rona.


*** Thanks to A View From The Left, it was brought to my attention that now, Manitoba Premier Gary Doer has also said he has no intention of changing the province's commitment to its Kyoto targets, even if the federal government backs out of the agreement.


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